Friday, September 29, 2006

Eugene - My first city in the United States

Hi guys,
When I arrived in the US, I was expend 4 months in Eugene, Oregon. And I have some pictures about me and my friends from Eugene. First one is a place close to Portland and is in famous park where have a lot of water fall. Magnific! The second picture is in a snow place... a don't remember the name, sorry.

My Daugther

Hello Everybody,
This is my daugther,her name is TARSILA she is so cut and beatiful and smart. I have sure that. HAHHA
When she arrive in Maryland, I'll do a welcome party and i'll invited you.
She was used a traditional dress specific for dance a folcloric party. This hudsome guy with my daugther is her father.

First Look Fair

First Look Fair

Really I don’t have enough time to enjoy the first look fair here in UMD. But, on few minutes that I had had I saw some interesting organization and group. But for me, more important is the how this time is great opportunity for every new student know more about the experience and achievements of the veterans. This is a good idea because we can enjoy N groups and thus make new friends and training more and more English.

Impressions of Week One

My first week in MEI was a little different that the majority of you, I and Siang had been learning English in 002 when, for MEI reasons we’re invited to enjoin your class in 003. I am happy, I fell that right now I have more pressure or more obstacle that I need to overcome. So, my first week was easier and soft, but right now I need to work hard to do my homework on time and also do my activities in my Humphrey Program. If you guys want to know more about my program, you can surfing in this website:
Look below a picture of my group.

First Week

Lunch at the Dairy

Hello guys,
I tray to be actually with my blog, so today I’ll talk about some activities that everybody did even thought I didn’t. But if I had doing a different thing in the same time, I’ll relate for you right now. First of all, unfortunately I don’t have enjoyed with you the lunch in Diary. Even so I had been collected information about this place through Sandy. I think that after de Hamadan, we should be goes in this place again. I should be taste famous ice cream from Diary. Though, I need to tell you that last Wednesday I have had lunch with my classmate from Asian in Japanese restaurant.

Monday, September 25, 2006

My Speaking Partner

Hi Everybody

I want to tell you about my speaker partner. I meet her last week in a reception offered for MEI for make easily the first meeting between us. She is so cut and she is undergraduate student and her major is in biology. Her name is Aimee, she is American and she like discussion about political and environmental issues. We suppose to meet on Tuesday in front of the Coffee Store in Stamp Student Union. I think that my partner speaker is good person and open for me a different gate for to learn English. This is a good idea and experience.
I hope that you guys have been nice with your partners either.
See you soon.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Gift for you from Brazil

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hello Everybody,

This is my first day in this Class.
I want to say thank you for give me a good reception.
I hope work very well with you and this kind of tool: "BLOG"
See you next class.