Friday, September 29, 2006

Lunch at the Dairy

Hello guys,
I tray to be actually with my blog, so today I’ll talk about some activities that everybody did even thought I didn’t. But if I had doing a different thing in the same time, I’ll relate for you right now. First of all, unfortunately I don’t have enjoyed with you the lunch in Diary. Even so I had been collected information about this place through Sandy. I think that after de Hamadan, we should be goes in this place again. I should be taste famous ice cream from Diary. Though, I need to tell you that last Wednesday I have had lunch with my classmate from Asian in Japanese restaurant.


At 7:49 PM, Blogger Nina Liakos said...

You don't have to wait for Ramadan to be over to enjoy lunch at the Dairy. I went last Friday with my friends Harriet, Barbara, and Louise. You know Harriet, of course, and B. and L. work in the libraries at UM. I had my favorite, coffee chip ice cream, but it was actually a little cold to eat ice cream!


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