Monday, November 20, 2006

Semester almost over


I feel worn-out and fatigued because everything in my life here became more intensify right now. My program demands to me more meeting participation; appointment with others Humphreys and attendance a seminar and conference… Those activities hurt me because I need to make choice and sometimes I really made bad choices. In addition, a increase of activities make me feel like a careless student, a careless mother, a careless professional … because all of my obligation –special homework – will accumulated and when a start do finish or complete then. I hope I can finish this semester with all of my obligations ready and with quality.

Read a novel in English

I need to share with you how difficult is reading a modern novel in English. Special when the author wants to show or explain emotion and conversation in “Speaking English” or “colloquial speech”. He used a lot of slang that are not familiar to me. Before I stated read this book I had been read a novel by Sidney Sheldon and this author used a formal English and this book became more easer to me that our novel. But, despite all difficulties, I like some much read and this novel is good and has a beautiful message.

A guest speakers in the class

Hi friends,

I really enjoyed when we had had the opportunity to talk about home school with a dedicated mother. I think she is very strong to do everything for her children’s and almost forget herself. Maternity is a kind of abandon of our self, but when our kids have class, party, trips or play in the street, we have some time to breath. In her case she stays with her children for long time all day and weekdays. I think that I’ll be tired of my children and then will be tired of my also. But she did very well I hope that she never became tired.

Pictures from HHH Seminar

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Humphrey Seminar

Hi Friends of the entire world. (I love say this)

I am absent in class two weeks ago because I went in a seminar very important to may program. If you don’t know anything about my program, you should go to this site and learn more it is a amused program:
In this seminar we could know each other and make good network. We had several activities and social events like a dinner in U.S. State Department in Washington D.C; meeting with non governmental organization; international agencies for example; World Bank and Global Rights; U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development and U.S. Department of Commerce – Technology Administration. In addition we had have opportunity to visited a high school in U.S. I went in a school close to College Park and I had had a nice time with students from this school. They were in Music class- chorus group- waiting for us and they have preview information about me and they single to me a music in Portuguese. Of course, I was crying very much because the music that they pick up is from my childhood and make me little homesick. I have some pictures from this emotionally week where I had met my Humphrey colleagues and made new friends and also I knew more about United States that have been hosted me very well. I don’t have digital camera, so this pictures are from my friend’s camera, that it’s very late my post in this blog.
Enjoyed this memories.

U.S. State Department - Dinner - HHH from UMD