Monday, October 23, 2006

Fiel Trip Library of Congress

I really enjoyed that field trip to the Library of Congress.
That building is huge. It is amazing in every sense.
“Everything that looks like gold ….is gold!” …
The phrase above made me think about all that gold that comes from Latin America to Europe and the U.S. It is a lot of money. Sorry raise this sort of analyses but I can’t understand why we still need to pay an incredible mount of money to the World Bank?! If I look through an economic perspective, I’ll find answers to this question. But if I look through the history perspective, which gives me a different lent to look the results of years and years of exploration by rich countries, I’ll confirm my nausea and uncomfortable feeling when I was there (in the Library). When I remember each details and think about I realized that we work a lot, but we don’t see the results only the rich countries can build beautiful “castles”, modern labs, modern and perfect universities, etc. The American people are not guilt. The Library of Congress isn’t guilt. This inequality is a result of a cumulative history of steal and non-respect for other people. I just want to tell you guys and teacher about the “butterfly in my stomach”, because we need to think about the future. Think about how we can change this way, this bad destiny. How we can stop the beast of inequality and exploration by human abusing others human. I loved every thing that I saw and I am enjoying be in America. However, I want to offer the same facilities to my people in Brazil. It’s my dream.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Harpers Ferry

Better later that never.
I am late to write about Harpers Ferry, but I really enjoyed this where I learned about some part of the American history and had a nice time with my friends. I took some pictures and now I have memories forever from these pictures. I'll publish some of them here in my blog and I'll share with you my perspective about this city. Also I’ll share with you,when I have one, pictures from Brazil. Because I want to encourage you to visit my beautiful country. I hope we can have a good time together.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

My first october weekend in the US.

I had been working all weekend. So,my first October weekend in the US I am tired!
I need to massage! Jennifer!!!! Help me!
News: I almost finish my Individual Program Plan - IPP, to Humphrey Program - Fulbright. And I start organized paper to bring my daughter to here. I still have a lot of paper to fill in and a lot of money to pay.
But I have good news also: My friend send to me my pictures from Shenandoah park… It’s great and wonderful. I’ll post two pictures only for to temp you guys to go there. Is magic. See you soon.

For you guys Shenandoah Park
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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Four weeks and how about my English?

That’s it!
After four weeks of studying English continuously, I need to say something about my improvement.
Let’s think about this time here in MEI – Maryland. Maybe you don’t know, but before I came here I had been studying English in Eugene, Oregon. And when I arrived there I had no idea about English. Before that time, I had never studied English. So, I think that my teachers there had a hard time trying to explain to me some basic notion about English language and structure. I believe that they did a good job because now I feel comfortable absorbing more and more English.
Here I have been studying grammar and new vocabulary for one month. I think that my reading is getting better but when I try to write, I don’t know what happens; I still make big mistakes with verb tenses. I will be trying to write more and more. I know that if I write every day I will be able to overcome my mistakes. I also know that reading a lot will help me reach my goal.